Don’t Let the Old Man In!

Don’t Let the Old Girl In!


Delivering a serious personal message to someone close, face to face, is a high-risk tactic. The messenger is often seriously wounded or the relationship sacrificed in the process.


This little manual evolved because I needed to deliver a message to a friend. It appeared to me (and others) that some aspects of our friend’s lifestyle were unsustainable in the longer run. It concerned us deeply that our friend would “leave the party” early.


Forgive me for guessing, but it may be that a relative or close friend has given you this manual. Perhaps they feel the manual contains a message for you. They (like me) may have reasoned sensibly that they have neither the words nor the courage to deliver the message in person.


So as you turn the manual’s pages you may well find yourself in nodding acknowledgement that indeed there are aspects of your lifestyle where the old girl or the old man is sliding in unseen and uninvited. Without a single word being said by anyone, you will know the changes to make.


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